Cowboy Toothpick Clips - for every visor

Ten years ago, when we started selling our Cowboy Toothpick Clips at arts & craft shows around Texas we knew we were on to something.
We've run into some true characters over the years. From those who love them and buy several for their own use to those who buy a couple as gifts for friends and family who need them, folks just can't resist the Cowboy Toothpick Clip. We really get a kick out of those who think its the most ridiculous item they've ever seen, and therefore must own one. Of course, our favorites are those special fans who keep buying the Cowboy Toothpick Clip because they think it is the "the best invention ever".

The Clip

The Clip is made of heat-resistant plastic and is approximately one and one-half inches wide and

two and one-half inches in length. The black clip comes with three individually wrapped toothpicks and packaged in a ziploc bag.

Customize your Clips

We have a wide variety of FREE stickers to choose from. Just click on the "logo choices" button and take your "pick". You may also email us with your special requests. Click here to contact us.

Stickers & Stories

The adhesive on all of our stickers will hold up in the heat of a car to 185 degrees. In other words, it won't peel off when it gets really hot. Also, you will receive an "inventor's story" with every clip you order.